Unfulfilled Ideas

In so many ways, I was limited by my skills. As is the way with game development, there were roadblocks at every intersection. The most minor things wrought violence upon me. I thought it would be nice to start the camera focused on the ground; I rotated the camera downwards. This entirely broke my fragile FPS camera system.

I would have liked a more interactive section to the game; I wanted to have a telescope mini-game, trying to find Saturn, and music coming in when Saturn came into view. I am still learning the fundamentals of GDscript, and could not get this to function satisfactorily.

I could have the player hold the crouch key to mimic the discomfort of the situations?

Now that I have a working background, I would like to add objects within the space that can move around, to give it a sense of depth. However, it will be very apparent that these objects are moving within a skybox. To fix this, I’m going to try to have objects that can “move behind” certain elements of the skybox, i.e. become invisible as they move into a certain region (behind a tree trunk, for instance).

I would like to incorporate reactive sound into my game. I want these landscapes to construct sounds as you interact with them.